Who is a Street Captain and what do they do?

According to the Department of Homeland Security, almost half of Americans expect to rely on their neighbors after a disaster.  Neighbor helping neighbor is especially true when a hurricane or severe tropical storm hits our tight knit community. The damage from Hurricane Matthew is still fresh in my memory after 2 years so I decided to create a team of volunteers who will check on each and every resident before and after a major storm and ensure that help is provided.

Pre-storm, Street Captains will identify neighbors in their designated area who are leaving or staying, are dependent on electricity for health issues, or need help preparing their home. Post-storm, Street Captains will report blocked driveways or doors, home damage, flooding, and the need emergency power for health equipment, etc. Street Captains report to Sue Ditty, who will organize and coordinate the appropriate response. If there is an emergency, call 911 or contact MVPD, not your Street Captain.

Being a Street Captain is much easier than it sounds.  Simply collect basic information on a short checklist and pass it on to Sue Ditty.  That's it.  Street Captains are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood.  We want to make sure that no one suffers needlessly or has to worry about preparation or clean up after a damaging storm. If no severe hurricanes, then there is no need for the Street Captain.  This would be ideal, but we need to prepare, just in case.

 Please take a moment and identify who is likely to be your street captain by referencing the map on the Street Captain webpage.  We still need volunteers for Flamingo Rd, Canal Rd, Ibis Ct, Blue Jay Ln, Towhee Dr, Dayton Blvd, Jeannie Dr, and Savannah Dr. If you see your street listed above please consider joining our team of Street Captains.

Our volunteers are your local superheroes. Please join the team! 

Contact Sue Ditty

TMV Emergency Volunteer Coordinator


Street Captain webpage