Do I Need a Permit?

Building Permits

Almost all construction, from pouring a patio to building a new house, requires a permit. Construction in the Town is governed by the Florida Building Code and Town Codes. Building permits are valid for one year and may be renewed. Fees depend on the type and value of construction. Time for review and issuance can range from one hour for a simple air-conditioning unit replacement to several weeks for major construction.

Tree Removal Permits

A permit is required for the removal of any tree. This includes pine trees, palm trees, dead trees, and trees on the State Pest Plant list. Tree removal permits are either $25 or no-cost, depending on the tree and reason for removal, and are valid for one year. A replacement tree may need to be planted. Tree removal permits require 2 to 7 days for review and can only be approved for reasons stated in Town Code.

Business Tax

A Business Tax Receipt is required by any person engaging in any business in the Town,including businesses operated from a residential address, for which the fee is $20. Commercial business tax fees vary depending on the type and size of the business. Application for a Business Tax Receipt must be approved by the Town Commission (meets monthly) 

and are renewed annually in October.

Garage Sales

Each household may hold up to two garage sales per year, for two days each.

The fee is $5 for the first and $10 for the second within 12 months (calendar year). Garage sale permits can be issued on application with no delay and are valid for any 2 day period within 15 days of issuance.

Signs - Residential Zone

Except for a list of exempt signs, available from the Town office, signs require a permit approved by the Planning & Zoning Board. Sign permits require 2 to 4 weeks for approval and are no cost in the residential zones.  As a reminder, Political Signs do not require a permit, but they must be placed in your yard, they cannot be placed in the Town Right of Way.

What If I Don't Get A Permit?

Penalties for failure to obtain a required permit in advance range from a doubled permit fee to fines of up to $500 per day or occurrence. Fines for removing trees can exceed $5000. Other penalties, costs, and requirements may be imposed, depending on the nature of the offense. The Building Official can require that unpermitted work be torn down or exposed for inspection, in addition to fines. 

Submitting An Application

Applications may be dropped off at the Town Office, FAX'ed to (321) 984-7219, or e-mailed to Deputyclerk at Applications requiring a notary or other seal must be submitted in the original before a permit can be issued.