... Regarding the Town of Melbourne Village Website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to call the Town Office at 321-723-8300. The Town Office is open Mon-Fri 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We will be happy to help you. Thank you very much.

The Town of Melbourne Village does not discriminate in employment or in the delivery of services on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or age. Any person needing assistance in accessing any information or service of the town may contact  us via email  at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 321-723-8300.


New - 5 Sept 2014 - The 1st Read of the TMV Budget Ordinance 2014-04 has been posted for public review.  Also a reminder that TMV residents will be getting TRIM notices mailed to you next week and the next Budget Hearing is September 24, 7:00 p.m, in the Town Office.  Any questions please contact Gail Griswold, Town Clerk/Treasurer.

New - 5 Sept 2014 - Commission Vacancy --> Please CONGRATULATE Gerda Murphy as our newest Commissioner.  She was appointed at the Sept 3rd Special Commission meeting to fulfill the vacant seat (for 1 year) left by Rand Carroll, who resigned to become our next Mayor.

28 Aug 2014 - The May, Jul and Special Workshop and Commission Elections Certification Meeting minutes have been posted to the Public Records tab.

28 Aug 2014 - The Qualifying period for the 2-year terms of three (3) Commissioners & Mayor/Commissioner has ended.  All commissioners ran unopposed, no Election will be held.  So Congratulations to Seat 2, (Scott McCoy, Commissioner), Seat 3, (David Sinton, Commissioner), and  Seat 6, (Steve Gaul, Commissioner), and our new Mayor-Commissioner: Seat 4 (Rand Carroll, Mayor/Commissioner).  They will take office on 4 November 2014.

28 Aug 2014 - Click here to review the Adopted Ordinance 2014-02, Chapter 23, Article V, Fences.

Updated: 28 Aug - Mosquito Spraying - Brevard County uses Truck Spraying within Melbourne Village to eradicate Mosquitos.  Brevard County updates on their website & phone recordings DAILY (but no later than 4 pm) the areas scheduled for spraying that evening.  The website is http://www.brevardcounty.us/MosquitoControl/SprayAreas or the phone number is (321) 264-5032, Option 1.  Our spray area is 55a (South of Wickham Road) (SPRAYED:  Thursday 28 AUG 2014)

22 Aug 2014 - The Commission/Finance Committee had it's first budget workshop on 12 Aug 2014. Click here for the worksheet that was seen at that workshop.

24 Jul 2014 - Click Here to view this Months Proclamations:  August is Florida Water Professionals Month

30 May 2014 - Town of Melbourne Village Neighboring Relations Committee and the FAA are seeking public comments on the preliminary notice exposer map as part of the Part 150 Noise Study of the Melbourne Airport. The complete paper document can be found at the Town Office for review and I have uploaded (in several parts), the entire Part 150 Study (Click Here), Forward your comments (written comments preferred) to deputyclerk @ melbournevillage.org as soon as possible. Thank You TMV & the NRC.

Here is a quick link to our Ordinance, Resolutions and Proclamations pages.  Two popular requests lately are the Fertilizer Ordinance, what & when you can fertilize and our Political sign policies.  Feel free to contact us at the Town Office 321-723-8300 if you have any other questions.

Town of Melbourne Village Budget for FY 2014 Ordinance 2013-03 and millage rate Resolution 2013-04.

Volunteers Wanted for the Town Beautification Committee and Town Review Board. Click here for details.

The Neighboring Relations Committee has started a log of low-flying Aircraft over Melbourne Village, please contact the Town Office to report - 723-8300. Leave a message if after hours or weekend. Please note the date, time, type aircraft, direction a/c was traveling and any other information.

WE NEED YOU ... The Town of Melbourne Village Commission is always looking for volunteers for our committees and we are in real need to bring our Committees up to full membership.  Take a look at the list of Committees, and call the Town Office if you are interested in volunteering your expertise and/or ideas.  Training will be provided.




  • 1st Thurs. – Historic Preservation Commission
  • 3rd Mon. – Beautification Committee (@ 10 AM)
  • 2nd Weds. – Permit & Inspection (P&I) Committee
  • Weds prior to Town Commission Meeting. – Finance Committee
  • 4th Tues – Town Commission Meeting
Unless noted otherwise all meetings are in the Town Office at 555 Hammock Road and start at 7:00 p.m. Additional meetings may be scheduled throughout the month and will be noticed on the town chalkboard.
For any questions or accommodation issues regarding these meetings, please call the Town Office at 723-8300 Mon-Fri, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm